Shapeshifters - The Beginning

In the kingdom of the shapeshifters, your animal form dictates your social status.Since she was a child, Leara hopes to get a form that would make her a spy or a warrior, which would allow her to leave the ring of the common people, where her family lives. But when her 15th birthday and her ceremony finally arrive, everything goes wrong. Suddelny, Leara is "the Shifter", a person announced in a prophecy, who can shapeshift into any animal. The rulers hunt her, as she is the one who is told to bring them down. The girl has to face a destiny that was assigned to her at birth: Become the new ruler. But Leara really has other plans for her life...

"Shapeshifters - The Beginning" is a fantasy story that aims to avoid the typical werewolf/vampire/elf/magician/dwarf tropes usually found in the genre. It's intended for children and teenagers 12 years and older, but adults who like fantasy have, in the German version, enjoyed it too.


You can buy it on amazon as an ebook ($3.85) or a physical copy ($6.95).



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