The Author

I'm Laura, the author of "Shapeshifters". As I'm from Germany, the books are originally written in German. While I was able to find a publisher for the German versions, the English one is self-published and translated by a translator who wasn't paid by a publisher.
Writing has always been my dream, not because I wanted to become rich by selling books, but because I love sharing stories with people. This is the reason I wanted an English version of my first book. I don't know yet if the second book will ever be translated, it depends on how well the first one sells.

Anyways, some information about me! (If you have any questions, you can just write me an email, my contact information is given on my contact page)

I'm 19 and currently studying biology, hoping to get my bachelor's degree soon. When I was 13, I started writing "Shapeshifters - The Beginnin". It was finished a year later, but it took two more years to find a publisher and have it printed.
I love writing and I wish I had more time for it, but University is very time consuming and I rarely have time to actually write. Still, I plan on continuing to write and publish books and maybe even make a living with it one day.